• Q: Where are your Fairies located?
    A: Our Fairies are currently available in selected Auckland & Wellington locations, with Bay of Plenty and Waikato being available soon.

  • Q: Why are Bay of Plenty and Waikato not available now?
    All of our Fairies are required to have clean police records. These records take 4 weeks to come back, so although it does slow down our employment process, it is absolutely essential this check comes back clear.

  • Q: Can I book a Fairy for less than three hours?
    Our minimum booking period is three hours. You are able to come home sooner, but you will still be charged for three hours.

  • Q: Do I pay cash to my Fairy at the end of the night?
    No, we will send you an invoice which is payable within 48 hours. Our Fairies are paid directly by Date Night Fairies, inclusive of any overtime worked, so no need to rush to an ATM at the end of the night!
  • Q: Do I need to pay additional fees like GST, service fees or extra money for additional children?
    A: Our packages are all inclusive of GST and our service fee - Hassle free around here! The packages cover your children who are siblings. Any non-sibling children will incur a $3 per hour additional charge. Please note: The more children who are awake, the less Fairy duties that will be completed. First and foremost, our Fairies are there to care for the children.
  • Q: What happens if my child/ren stay awake the whole booking?
    A: Children will always come first! We cannot stress this enough. If your child/ren are upset, are not going to sleep (we all know how unpredictable kids can be with new faces around) or you have made the booking for a time when your children are in play-time mode, the chances are that the cleaning will not be completed. Your children's happiness, wellbeing and safety are the most important part of a Fairies job. 
  • Q: I booked The Essential Fairy and the washing, dishes or the general tidy up were not complete. Do I get a refund?
    A: Our Fairies are expected to complete your dishes, washing and a general tidy up for each booking, prior to you returning home. The only reasons these duties will not appear to be completed is if your children are awake and have un-done the general tidy up (lets face it, kids find it a great game to undo your tidying up at the best of times!), or you have a large volume of washing that needs to be tended to, that can not be completed due to your children needing the Fairy. There will be no refunds. At the end of the day/night, we know you will take great comfort in knowing your children and home are in the best care possible whilst you are out enjoying a well deserved date night!
  • Q: I booked The Luxury Fairy and our children were unsettled, therefore the cleaning was not completed. Do I get a refund?
    A: We highly recommend parents read through both the Essentials and Luxury packages, and pick the one best suited to your individual family needs. For a family who's children will be awake when the Fairy arrives, or are unsettled little sleepers, we recommend The Essentials Fairy. This is because the chances of the Essentials being completed are high. For a family who's children will be asleep when the Fairy arrives, and are deep little sleepers who are able to sleep through the night, we recommend The Luxury Fairy. This is because the chances of the Luxury cleaning being completed is high. There are no refunds given - Our company relies on parents acknowledging which package is best suited to their children/s needs.
  • Q: I have booked The Essentials Fairy, and want to know what will the Fairy do once they have completed the Essentials and my children are asleep?
    A: For both packages, there are a few 'Additional Extras' that Fairies can start working on if there is extra time left during the booking. This does not mean our Fairies will start doing a Luxury clean if you have booked an Essentials package, but it does mean they will keep busy doing helpful, appreciated cleaning in your home.