Date Night Fairies is a boutique, evening babysitting service, with the major draw card being that we also clean! 

While your children are fast asleep and you are out enjoying a well-deserved date night, our Fairies are working hard making your home clean and gorgeous again. Parents deserve more from babysitters, which is what we are here to offer!

Sharnika Dowthwaite - Founder & General Manager:

Date Night Fairies was founded in April 2017 by Sharnika Dowthwaite, a mother of three young boys. Living hours away from family, 'Date Nights' consisted of paying a local teenager who would spend the night watching Netflix and eating snacks.

After a date night with husband Jay, Sharnika realised that whilst children are sleeping, so much housework could be done! All of that washing in the laundry that was left untouched, the dinner dishes building up in the sink, the millions of toys that get thrown throughout the house... 

Sharnika appreciates the worries other mums have when booking a new 'babysitter', which is why Date Night Fairies implements a thorough Employment & Training programme. All Fairies are interviewed, police checked, hold current first aid certificates and are highly experienced with children. If you have any concerns, Sharnika welcomes parents to contact her directly: sharnika@datenightfairies.co.nz - Subject: We are a wonderful new family!