The Luxury Fairy (3 Hours of Babysitting + Housekeeping) $129

The Luxury Fairy (3 Hours of Babysitting + Housekeeping) $129

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'The Luxury Fairy' is best suited for children who will be asleep when their Fairy arrives. This means the Fairy will have more time to focus on Fairy Housekeeping duties. If your children will be awake when your Fairy is home, please book in 'The Essential Fairy'. 

The Date Night Fairy is our original and most popular package! Our Fairies do all the essentials (babysitting, dishes, washing, general tidy up) + they also do a house clean! This may be inclusive of:

  • Dusting kitchen, living areas, dining, vacant bedrooms and bathroom/s
  • Cleaning exteriors of cupboards, fridges, doors
  • Mopping where applicable
  • Wiping down glass surfaces

First and foremost, your children will always come first. However, when your children are asleep and content in their bedrooms, our Fairies will work on cleaning your home. If your children are unsettled, it will always be our Fairies priority to care for their needs and well-being over the cleaning. It is our hope that our Fairies will be able to complete the Fairy jobs in full, however we are unable to predict if your children will sleep throughout the evening booking so please keep this in mind when placing your booking. 

Pricing is inclusive of three hours of Fairy services, and our service fee. Additional fees will apply for bookings placed for public holidays.