Introducing our new daytime services!

Introducing our new daytime services... Housekeeping Fairies!
We have carefully curated two new daytime services for all of the busy couples and families who want the treat of a Fairy visit weekly or fortnightly. Life is busy enough, let us take care of your home so you have more time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you enjoy.
Our Housekeeping Fairies service will be launching in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui on June 5th, with limited clients being accepted to ensure the quality of our service is always completed to perfection - Because that is what you deserve.
You might be wondering why a 'date night' service is venturing into the 'daytime' market. There are two reasons behind the introduction of our Housekeeping Fairies service:

  1. Couples feel like they have been missing out on booking a Date Night Fairy. They want the treat of a Fairy visit but don't need the babysitting aspect of the service. Now couples (and busy families) can book a weekly or fortnightly Fairy to visit and make their home beautifully clean again (with a dash of washing, dishes, and hotel-styled housekeeping!).

  2. Some parents are wanting the treat of a Fairy visit to take time out from the usual routine of parenting/housework life (does that washing pile EVER END?!) but some weeks it is just too hard to get out and enjoy a date night. We get it, we are parents too! Now everyone can enjoy a Fairy visit no matter how busy you are, and perhaps even have an 'at home date night'... Ohhhh now there's a good Winter idea!

Our two new services are as follows:

  • Hotel-Style Essential Housekeeping Fairy ($49.00)

    Hotel-style Essential Housekeeping Fairy service covering all of the Essentials required to make your home beautifully clean again. Perfect for any home in need of an express housekeeping visit that makes you feel like you're on holiday!

  • Luxury Housekeeping Fairy ($109.00)

    All-inclusive Luxury Housekeeping Fairy service covering all of the Essentials, along with a full cleanse of the home. Perfect for any home in need of full luxurious reset.

Please note that your Date Night bookings will always be put through to our Fairies who have a genuine passion and high level of experience within the childcare industry. This is why our clients love our Fairies so much, because our Fairies really do care and know what they are doing with your precious little mini's! As our Housekeeping Fairies team grows, we will ensure both service types have the perfect people matched to the right bookings so you get a fab Fairy every time.

If you are in love with our new services like we are, get in touch and see what days and times we have available by emailing:



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