41 Branch Opportunities in NZ!

You would not believe the amount of times we have had people say 'Babysitting and cleaning, I wish I had of thought of that'. After months of carefully curating our new business structure, it is finally time to share our exciting news!

We are offering the opportunity for 41 incredible people to open and lead our 41 new Branch Businesses throughout the country! We knew our growth throughout the country would require fantastic Branch Managers, but instead of limiting their financial rewards to hourly rates, we are providing Branch Managers with the chance to manage and grow Branch Businesses. 

We have developed structures within our Company that supports Branch Business creation, and our 
entrepreneurial passion and experience encourages those Branch Businesses to grow further than an individual 
entering a similar journey on their ownWe are huge advocates for ensuring our team can prioritise a great work-life balance, especially for parents who are wanting to spend time with their children and not be stuck in an office all day.

Our Branch Businesses have been developed specifically to enable our entire team (Support Office and Branch Managers) to manage each Branch Business and booking request from anywhere in the world (as long as there is wifi/coverage), simply requiring a smart phone. Easy! 

Branch Offices are deemed to be 'Branchising', however we are taking the concept a step further by 
offering Branch Management Lease Agreements, which essentially means we are giving the right people the 
best bits of a Franchise opportunity, with less of the hardest parts. 

If this opportunity excites you, then please get in touch via our Branch Business Enquiry form (click here). Two Branch Businesses are currently in discussions, and we will be limiting Agreements being signed initially to ensure we can provide the highest quality of training and support to our new Branch Managers/Lessee's. 

We are so excited to meet you!

Kindest regards,
Sharnika Dowthwaite
Founder and CEO 

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  • Hi there, I am very keen to find out more about this opportunity and what it entails. Look forward to speaking more.

    Many thanks

    Raksha Krishna

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